Compliance solved,

As building owners ourselves, we understand that compliance can be complex.
We solve your compliance effortlessly.


Building Warrant of Fitness

Taking a pragmatic approach, we complete annual inspections, and issue your BWOF.


Fire Evacuation

We design schemes for your buildings, and complete 6 monthly trials and training which is required to keep your Fire Evacuation Scheme current.


Compliance Management

We manage all compliance related to your building, acting as your personal compliance management team.


Building Compliance

As building owners ourselves, we understand that compliance can be complex. We solve your compliance effortlessly.

Building Warrant of Fitness

If your building needs a Building Warrant of Fitness, we can help you out. We do complete compliance schedule management, issuing 12As for any specified systems you have, and issuing the BWOF to you and the council. One of our most common products is a BWOF + Passive inspection, but we can inspect any system for you.
If you have your own contractors for building systems (ie Fire or HVAC) we work with them, ensuring they complete their compliance inspections on time, and issue 12As so we can issue the Building Warrant of Fitness, and your building stays compliant.
We are proud of the pragmatism we bring to the Building Warrant of Fitness process, ensuring that a realistic approach is taken to your compliance. We know things won’t always go perfectly, but we work with you and the local council to ensure that your building stays compliant and you do not have the risk of fines.


Keeping you up to date

Do I need a BWOF or a 12A?
Most commercial buildings and multi-residential buildings, such as apartments will have specified systems. If you have specified systems then you need to get a 12A for that system each year, and you need to get a BWOF. This ensures your building is compliant.

Unsure if your building requires a BWOF? We can carry out a site assessment and provide reports with an easy to understand plan of action.


In some markets 9-12% of BWOFs are overdue at any one time. At CoveKinloch, less than 1% of our client’s BWOFs are overdue.

We ensure your compliance is done on time, meaning you can sleep easy and not worry about your personal liability, insurance risks, and the possibility of council fines.

In difficult situations, we have strong relationships with local councils to ensure delays are not a significant issue.


Our combined 200+ years of experience gives us a thorough understanding of the industry, paired with a pragmatic approach.

We explain complex situations simply, and work with you to get solutions that keep your costs down. We also have in house Fire Engineers who can provide knowledge when needed.


We pride ourselves in independence. We won’t do any remedial work for you, so you know if we say it needs to be done, it truly needs to be done.

We also have been around the block, so we know who the cowboys are.

Technology leaders

We pair expertise with technology to give you all the information you need. From our best in class client portal, to onsite inspection recording, we have the best technology to make your compliance easy.

Our staff underpin CoveKinloch’s reputation for technical and professional expertise.

Who we are

We are a proud NZ owned company with over 20 years of history in Building Compliance.


We are New Zealand owned and operated business providing professional and efficient technical assistance to building owners nationwide.


Industry Insights

Advice and best practice of Building Compliance from our team.

Who needs a BWOF?

3rd March, 2021

Simply, if you own a building (other than a single residential building) that has a specified system then you need a BWOF. A specified system is a system in the building for the purpose of maintaining the safety of building occupants.


Common BWOF questions

3rd March, 2021

CoveKinloch solves your BWOF. We complete all the IQP inspections required to get your BWOF each year, and as your agent complete all the onerous paperwork, and deal with the council for you.