Who needs a BWOF?

Who needs a BWOF?

Simply, if you own a building (other than a single residential building) that has a specified system then you need a BWOF. A specified system is a system in the building for the purpose of maintaining the safety of building occupants. Examples are fire alarms, sprinkler systems, exit lights, emergency exit doors.

What is a BWOF?

A Building Warrant of Fitness is a statement supplied by a building owner (or their agent) confirming that the requirements of their building’s Compliance Schedule have been met during the previous 12 months.

A Building Warrant of Fitness must be renewed annually before the expiry date. Failure to do is a breach of the building act, and can result in fines.

In order to renew a Building Warrant of Fitness a team consisting of different Independent Qualified Persons (IQPs) are required to inspect, maintain and report on all Specified Systems within the building. CoveKinloch has IQPs who carry out these inspections.

How do I get a BWOF?

To get a BWOF, you need to provide a 12A for all specified systems the building has, and complete a Form 12 Building Warrant of Fitness. Most people use a BWOF agent (like we are at CoveKinloch) to do this for them.

What does CoveKinloch do?

CoveKinloch solves your BWOF. We complete all the IQP inspections required to get your BWOF each year, and as your agent complete all the onerous paperwork, and deal with the council for you. If you have your own contractors (ie Fire Alarm company), then we work directly with them, getting their required documents as well.

We also have various specialist staff available to provide additional compliance advice and technical support.

What buildings need a BWOF?

Under the Building Act 2004, all buildings (other than single residential buildings, unless they have a cable car) require a compliance schedule and annual building warrant of fitness if they contain a specified system.

For a new build, you need to get the first BWOF 12 months after your compliance schedule and CCC is issued.

What is a Specified System?

A specified system is a system that is contained within a building for the primary purpose of maintaining health or life safety of building users. For example fire alarms, backflow preventers, exit lights, lifts etc.

You can see a full list of Specified Systems here.

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